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silk quilt
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Advantages of silk quilt
A: Silk is a natural animal protein, its composition close to human skin so that it is very suit for touch our skin directly. Silk contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids, which keep our skin moisture and enhance the vitality of human skin cells and anti-aging.
B: Silk quilt is slender and smooth, unlike other quilts filled with other short fiber which are as easy as drilling down to stimulate the respiratory tract. Sleep with silk quilt is not only very comfortable, but also very close, can improve the sleeping by avoiding the children from kicking off the quilt. You will feel warm in winter while cool in summer when you using it.  
C: Silk contains 38% “silk weaving gap”, which can effectively absorb and keep heat in the cold weather. It has excellent cold strength. Silk has good antistatic property, so the quilt is not easy to dirty.
D: Silk quilt is durable, it can be used for at least 10 years. During this period, it will not metamorphose, nor turn into dumpling or wisp.

A: Always protect your silk with cotton cover or silk cover
B: There is no need for cleaning, because silk is not easy to dirty.
C: Do not dry in the sun, but in the shade, on longer than 4 hours

silk quilt

The products are:
1. 1.8 * 2.1m
2. 2 * 2.3m
3. 2.2 * 2.4m

silk quilt
silk quilt
silk quilt
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